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EDITED: 4/20/2018

In May of 2003 a new member of USS Virginia Base, Keith Link, delivered a box of miscellaneous photos and memorabilia he had received from his WWII sub vet father, for the Base to maintain. Vice Commander Roger Warden volunteered to take custody of that box to inventory and scan the contents. He completed the initial herculean task of cataloging all of the materials in the collection and began digitally scanning each item.

NOTE: Keith's father, Robert Link, was the first National President of United States Submarine Veterans of World War II and he was also the first National Commander of United States Submarine Veterans, Incorporated. The USSVI "Robert Link National Commander's Award" is named in his honor.  

On August 11, 2003 Roger provided the complete inventory listing of 239 items to Webmaster Kenn McDermott, which Kenn then inserted into an HTML table he had created on the Base website we had running at that time.

Roger completed scanning seventy-one of the items, which he forwarded to Kenn, who then developed a method that would allow thumbnail sized images to be inserted into the website table which visitors could then click on to view larger, higher resolution versions of the items.

Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, this effort stalled and has only recently been reseurected - as of the week of March 20th, 2017. Roger will soon be able to resume digitizing (scanning) these historic submarine service related items - which will then be forwarded to Kenn for posting on our new web site.

This is a labor of love and we thank Keith Link for allowing our Base to steward and share his father's submarine archival collection - and we thank Roger Warden for starting this cataloging and scanning project to begin with, and for once again taking it up with a view toward finally completing it.
The photos immediately below are in a standard 'slide show' format. Click on either side arrow to cycle through the photos, or click on the thumbnails along the bottom to jump to selected photos. PLEASE NOTE: On a PC the captions for each photo disappear while your cursor is inside the photo area, so just move it away and the caption will reappear. On small tablets or smart phones you must swipe the photos left or right to move through them.

NOTE: This photo gallery, until further notice, is just a sample of how we will present this collection.

The table below the photo gallery shows the basic table template we will be using as we work on this project. This table includes a column for an identifying item number, the item name in the second column and a thumbnail (i.e. small) version of the scanned image of the item in the third column which, when clicked on, opens to a higher resolution (i.e. larger) version of the image. As the items in this collection are digitized, the table will be populated and the images posted - but not necessarily in number order. The collection will be searchable using standard web browser tools which will be described in future updates to this page.

NOTE: This table, until further notice, is just a sample of how we will present this collection.
Robert Link Archives Photo Gallery
Bob Link Memorial Submarine Archive Inventory List
01Photo - US Submarine Veterans of WWII Annual Convention Atlantic City August 1974
02Pen & Ink Sketch - USS Growler SS-215
03Photo - Submarine is scraped and painted while in dry dock at Pearl Harbor
04Photo - Submarine crew drying clothes in Pacific
05Photo - Stewardsmate aboard submarine reading mail following patrol in enemy waters
06Photo - Submarine rescues survivors of B-29 crash off Kyushu
07Photo - Submarine returns to tenders in advance base harbor
08Program - 42nd Convention of USSVWII August 1996
09Newspaper Article - The Coral Reef Club, Midway Island
10Photo Copy - USS S-37 Sympathy Chit
11Ration Card - Beer Ration Card, Camp Coe Subic Bay, Luzon P.I. 1 August 1945
12Card - USS Finback admission to Mess & Beer Hall
13Card - Forgotten Submarine Bastards of Ireland
14Card - Submarine Base Beer Hall Number Two
15Card - Liberty Card Mare Island
16Card - Royal Order of the Guppy March 30, 1950
17Card - Five Grander USS Flying Fish AGSS-229, February 29, 1952
18Card - PO1 US Submarine Base Subic Bay, P.I.
19Card - Coral Reef Club, Midway Island Submarine Base
20Postcard - USS Cavalla, Seawolf Park, Galveston, TX
22Photo - Two sailors outside "Trader" (Bob & Jack) NLN
23Photo - 1944 (Maiken) Van Brocklin
24Photo - Nimitz signing surrender aboard USS Missouri
25Photo - USS Growler SS-215, Dutch Harbor, Alaska July 1942
26Photo - Unidentified submarine commander shaking hands with FDR
27Photo - USS Threadfin Mascot "Ashcan" (dog)
28Photo - 11" x 14" Submarine Memorial Park, Unknown location
29Photo - USS Perch (SS-313) Crew, September 1945
30Photo - USS Sea Leopard (SS-483) during Task Force 22 cruise
31Photo - USS Sawfish (SS-276) October or November 1945, Long Beach, CA. Caption reads "my 3rd command".
32Photo - Commissioning officers USS Muskalunge at Electric Boat, Groton, CT
33Booklet - USS Sawfish History
34Photo of Robert C. Gionet
35Photo of 4 unidentified men
364 photos of crewmen with Battle Flag
37Photo - Diesel Engine School, July 12, 1942, New London, CT
38Photo - USS Pogy crew photo August 1945
39Photo - Officers & Chiefs USS Porpoise, 1943
40Photo - National Convention John Frankhauser, T. C. Evans, 1983
41Photo - USS Tunny (SS-282) Commissioning Officers Mare Island
42Photo - USS Cuttlefish (SS-171) riding out typhoon south of Japan September 1942
43Photo - USS Batfish ships party April 23, 1945, San Francisco, California David Weston
44Photo - USS Sea Robin (SS-407) Panama 1948, Fish catch
45Typed Story - R-6 snorkeling in 1945, Capt. J. K. Myhre (Ret)
46Drawing - Petty Officer Uniform
47Booklet - Welcome Aboard USS Manta (AGSS-299)
Programs of the United States Submarine Veterans of WWII
4820th Convention 1974
4921st Convention - Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Issue 1975
5026th Convention 1980
5129th Convention 1983
5230th Convention 1984
5331st Convention 1985
5434th Convention 1988
5535th Convention 1989
5636th Convention 1990
5737th Convention 1991
5838th Convention 1992
5939th Convention 1993
6046th Convention 2000
61Photo - Conning Tower Memorial (Looks like New London)
Photo Series taken by Electric Boat, Groton, CT
62USS Nautilus SSN-571
63USS George Washington SSBN-598
64USS Skate SSN-578
65USS Tullibee SSN-597
66USS Triton SSN-586
67USS Ethan Allen SSBN-608
68USS Skipjack SSN-585
USS Thomas Edison

70USS Hartford SSN-768
71USS Springfield SSN-761
72USS Seawolf SSN-21
73USS Nebraska SSBN-739
74Pen & Ink Drawing - "I relieve you sir", Ricardo Dias, 1991. U. S. Submarine Birthday Ball 1991, San Diego, CA
75Brochure - Welcome Aboard USS Redfish AGSS-395
77Photo - Unknown USSVWWII
78Photo - Vice Admiral Schiade
79Photo - USS Apollo AS-25 with 5 submarines alongside
80Bumper Sticker - Submarine Veteran WWII
81Convention Head Table
82Photo - Plank Owners U. S. Submarine Veterans
83USS Haddo, 9th War Patrol
84Photo - Unknown 688(I) Class Submarine
85Photo - USS Growler (SS-215) July 1944
86Photo - Engine Room Fleet Submarine, unknown date
87Photo - USS Cachalot
88Postcard of USS Nereus (AS-17)
89M. V. Brocklin (or Brockilin)
90Photo - USS Cabezon

91Photo - Unknown crew, 1945
92Dolphin Iron on Patches
93Postcard - USS Cavalla, Seawolf Park
94Photo copy - USS Permit SS-178, 1945 Pg 5
95Newspaper Photo - USS Tambor, April 18, 1944 New York Daily News June 1945
96Newspaper Article - September 5, 1944, "Flyer Grabs Periscope, Sub Tows Him to Safety"
97Memo - USS Sargo, May 17, 1944
98Photo - USS Perch, December 1945
99Photo/Poem - USS Angler SS-240
100Painting - USS Skipjack (E-1) Electric Boat
101Brochure - Welcome Aboard USS Jallao SS-368
102Photo - USS Flasher SS-249
103Photo - Unknown Sailors
104Photo - Rear Admiral Roy S. Benson
105History - USS Sawfish with photo 1944, USS Sargo patch photo Illinois State Sub Vets WWII, July 4, 1987
106Program - Submarine Vets WWII 3rd Annual Reunion
107Photo - Piped ashore March 1, 1959, CWO2 J. E. Larson
108Photo - Battle Flag USS Cabezon SS-334
109Newspaper Article - Escape Training
110Newsletter - USSVWWII February 1959
111Photo - USS Halibut Commanding Officer Galantin
112Photo - Captain George L. Ploetz, Supervising Ceramist, Knoll Atomic Power Lab, Schenectady, NY
113Photo - Captain George L. Ploetz, Commanding Officer Naval Research Company, Scotia, New York
114Magazine Photo - S-32, March 20, 1943, Dutch Alaska, Unalaska, Aleutian Islands Following 6th war patrol
115Photo - C. A. May S2c on board USS Oklahoma 1935 Photo C. A. "Dusty" May Electric Boat 1970
116Photo - Thomas A. McClurg EM3(SS) 1945
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