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EDITED: 4/24/2018

In May of 2003 a new member of USS Virginia Base, Keith Link, delivered a box of miscellaneous photos and memorabilia he had received from his WWII sub vet father, for the Base to maintain. Vice Commander Roger Warden volunteered to take custody of that box to inventory and scan the contents. He completed the initial herculean task of cataloging all of the materials in the collection and began digitally scanning each item.

NOTE: Keith's father, Robert Link, was the first National President of United States Submarine Veterans of World War II and he was also the first National Commander of United States Submarine Veterans, Incorporated. The USSVI "Robert Link National Commander's Award" is named in his honor.  

On August 11, 2003 Roger provided the complete inventory listing of 239 items to Webmaster Kenn McDermott, which Kenn then inserted into an HTML table he had created on the Base website we had running at that time.

Roger completed scanning seventy-one of the items, which he forwarded to Kenn, who then developed a method that would allow thumbnail sized images to be inserted into the website table which visitors could then click on to view larger, higher resolution versions of the items.

Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, this effort stalled and has only recently been reseurected - as of the week of March 20th, 2017. Roger will soon be able to resume digitizing (scanning) these historic submarine service related items - which will then be forwarded to Kenn for posting on our new web site.

This is a labor of love and we thank Keith Link for allowing our Base to steward and share his father's submarine archival collection - and we thank Roger Warden for starting this cataloging and scanning project to begin with, and for once again taking it up with a view toward finally completing it.

UPDATE! Roger Warden reported to Kenn McDermott that he completed his scanning effort and they met on April 23, 2018 to transfer the Link Archives Box and the USB Flash Drive continaing all of the digitized images. Now the onus is on Kenn, who will be redesigning this section of the USSVB web site to accomodate the graphic image folders that Roger created.

Everything that had previously been posted here has been taken down while the new design is implemented. Standby!
Your Webmaster is Kenn McDermott, LT, USN (Ret) - Copyright 2003-2018
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