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EDITED: 12/9/2017
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Binnacle is defined as the stand or housing for the ship's compass located on the bridge. The term binnacle list, in lieu of sick list, originated years ago when ships' hospital corpsmen used to place a list of the sick on the binnacle each morning to inform the captain about the crew's health.

As far back as Kenn McDermott can remember (2003) our Base has never had a Chaplain - at least not an officially designated and active Chaplain. Kenn has therefore offered the invocation and benediction at Base meetings, and tried to keep up with members who have been sick, scheduled for surgery or otherwise 'under the weather'. Because this has been such a hit and miss proposition we're creating this Binnacle List web page so all members can be made aware of health challenges and opportunities other members or families may be experiencing.

Please send Kenn an e-mail to to let us know when a member, relative, or even another submariner you know, may be sick, scheduled for surgery or have a particular health challenge. Their names, health issue and contact information will be listed below. The main idea here is to pray for these people - but you are also encouraged to send them a card.

Thank you for your participation - and let's remember that just like on the boats, we are a brotherhood of undersea warriors mutually supportive of each other. Also, if anyone would like to officially serve as our Base Chaplain, please let Kenn know.
USS Virginia Base Binnacle List
Member Tom Jones' daughter CherylCheryl is suffering from Pancreatic Cancer and is now at home being cared for by her family, with assistance by home visits of hospice personnel.
7725 Surreywood Drive
North Chesterfield, VA 23235-5737
Member Pat Rodgers
  • Member Tom Jones called on 12/9/2017 to report that Pat had a Hypoglycemic Shock episode (Hypoglycemic shock is a reaction to dangerously low levels of blood sugar in the body) and had been transported to Chippenham Hospital. He is in Intensive Care West, Room 32. Pat is eighty-eight years old.
  • Pat has Diabetes and suffers from the effects of Agent Orange. He is also experiencing heart problems and has had some serious health issues in 2017.
  • Chippenham Hospital
7101 Jahnke Rd
Richmond, VA 23225
  • Home:
11500 Edenberry Drive
Richmond VA
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