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EDITED: 6/9/2024
When I was young many years ago,
I joined the Navy, why; I don’t know.
I served my time, with honor and pride,
for this young boy, it was a great ride.
I went places; I’d never dreamed,
time went so fast, or so it seemed.
I met people, I’ll never forget,
and even some, I wished I’d never met,
but as I think back on those days gone by,
my ship, my shipmates, brings a tear to my eye,
I didn’t know it then, never gave it a thought,
but my time in the Navy, could not have been bought.
I guess we all feel the same after we’re out,
the pride we feel, that’s what it’s about,
having served our Nation, keeping it free,
protecting our way of life, and our liberty,
and the friends, I made along the way.
Would I do it again? Any day,
and to all my shipmates, Anchors Aweigh!

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