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EDITED: 3/22/2023
Where the Undersea Warrior Elite
Meet & Eat

(For information about our annual picnic, which is held in the fall, either in September or October, CLICK HERE or on the left side "ANNUAL PICNIC" button. To review our meeting venue history, CLICK HERE, or on the left side "VENUE HISTORY" button).
WHAT?Regular monthly Base meetings
WHEN?The Second Saturday of Every Month (except for the month in which our annual picnic is held)
Lunch & Social Time: Noon to 1:15pm
Meeting: 1:15pm to 2:30pm (or possibly 3:00pm if we have a presentation)
WHERE?Anna's Restaurant & Pizzeria
11027 Hull Street Road
Midlothian, VA 23112
Phone: 804-675-0002
  1. Click on the "Directions" link in the map address box below.
  2. Type in the address you are departing from in the "Choose Starting Point" field on the page that comes up.
  3. This will build a custom map for you which includes driving instructions.
Anna's Restaurant Meeting Location
Photo of Meeting Location Anna's Pizza
Because the monthly meetings' attendance is not at its pre-covid level (20 or more members) the buffet has been discontinued. Members attending the meeting will order from the menu if they desire to eat lunch prior to the meeting. Once attendance is back to normal the buffet can be reinstated.
The private buffet being served in the banquet room where we meet has been a big success and will continue to be offered. A consensus has formed that favors a KISS strategy (Keep It Simple Stupid) and so we'll stay with the popular variety of Pizzas and Tossed Salad - with the addition of a "Chef's Choice" entre'. The total for this buffet will be right around $14 (plus tax and group gratuity). This price includes drinks of: coffee, tea, soda or water.

As with any restaurant there is normally a "Group Gratuity" (eight or more people) added to your bill which at this restaurant is 17% - plus the required tax. HOWEVER, at least one of our servers does not add the group gratuity to our ticket so be sure to "check the check" and if a gratuity has not been added - be sure to add a good tip of your own. Food anywhere these days is not cheap so if you want to have a glass of wine or a couple of beers instead of the drinks that are included with the buffet, figure about twenty bucks per person and you won't get upset about the cost.

Although the food should normally be ready to go at Noon, it would be helpful if members tried to arrive a little before Noon so we can eat and visit without being rushed, and We will also hold our 50/50 raffle prior to the start of the meeting. We normally let the ladies disembark for their kaffeeklatsch, which is their choice (if we don't have a ceremony or special program). We try to dive the boat promptly at our scheduled meeting time. Also remember - individual orders are discouraged, so please help our server by giving your name and the names of whoever is in your party, along with your drink order, as soon as you arrive - and enjoy the buffet!

The BC thanks all members who participated in the informal poll which overwhelmingly supported our return to Saturday meetings and was reported on by his June 28, 2015 e-mail to all members.
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